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Home Business Insurance
Optional Coverage Request

When Required To Name a Place or Person on Your Coverage

When you may be required by a tradeshow, fair, meeting facility, convention, etc. to have General Liability coverage and that your coverage must also name the organizer, fair, hotel, or venue of the event as an "Additional Insured", we can help, just complete the request form below and a certificate will be issued and emailed to you..

Please note:

  • You must already be enrolled under the Home Business Insurance coverage offered to through PRO Insurance to apply for the Additional Insured certificate(s). If you are not already enrolled, please Click Here.
  • No certificates will be issued unless you are actively enrolled. Applying below does not guarantee coverage. If approved, your certificate will be emailed to you promptly.
  • Please note there is a charge for each unrelated entity that needs to be named onto your coverage of $20 which will be billed directly from the insurance company shortly after issuance of your certificate.
  • Coverage can not be backdated under any circumstances.
  • Certificate will name one show or venue only. If multiple shows or venues are needed, each will need a specific certificate.

If you have questions regarding coverage or eligibility, please call 800-821-7383.

Additional Insured(s) - if the event requires that they or other entities be named, please complete this information.

Please ensure you have the exact way the name on the certificate should read, reissues may be charged $25.

Certificate Holder - if the event also requires that they or other entities be named, please complete this information. NOTE - this is not you, you are the Named Insured.

* Required