Business Inventory Insurance is a customized insurance program offered to Mary Kay IBC’s for the protection of their Section 1 Product to protect it primarily against claims from fire, theft and flooding (flood coverage not provided in Florida).

Markel Insurance Company an “A Excellent” Best Co. rating.

At this time the program is available in all of the continental United States, as well as Alaska and Hawaii.

Choose from two levels of insurance coverage for your Section 1 Product.  The Basic plan offers $5,000 per occurrence and $10,000 aggregate limits for $150.00 annually and the Deluxe plan offers $10,000 per occurrence and $20,000 aggregate limits for $250.00 annually. The amounts are the “wholesale” cost of your inventory, not the “retail” cost.  Be sure when enrolling that your coverage level choice insures the full value of your Section 1 inventory to avoid a potential co-insurance penalty if you have a loss. Consider bundling inventory with our Direct Seller Liability coverage for it’s vital protection of your business activities anywhere nationwide.

For each claim, you would have a maximum amount payable for each occurrence depending on the plan that you choose. Again, depending on the plan you choose, you’d also have an Aggregate amount which is the maximum payable for all claims during your policy period. Be sure when enrolling that your coverage level choice insures the full value of your Section 1 inventory to avoid a potential co-insurance penalty if you have a loss.

Yes, a $500 deductible applies to any claim before funds are paid and will be deducted before the claim check is sent out by the insurance company.

No, this program is not administered by Mary Kay in any way, please see the next question for payment options.

The easiest way to obtain coverage is to enroll/renew online where you can pay using a credit or debit card of your choice.  Online enrollment ensures that you start your coverage and receive your policy at the earliest possible date.  You can also call PRO at 800-821-7383 to enroll by phone and for any other enrollment/payment options.

No, this program is not administered by Mary Kay in any way.

You have at least two options available.  Call 800-821-7383 for an immediate rate on the limit of protection that you may need. It is vital that you purchase the proper amount of coverage on your inventory, purchasing too low a limit of coverage for what you typically have on hand could result in a co-insurance penalty being assessed if you have a claim.  You can also obtain a rate quote through our Home Business insurance program for limits ranging from $5,000 up to $100,000 and which also includes $1,000,000 of liability protection all in a single policy.

Why?  Because a homeowners, renters, or umbrella plan does not insure your “business” related activities. Rounding out your coverage by enrolling for the Direct Seller Liability program is essential to make sure that you are protected at home, away, events… anywhere nationwide that you do business.

The Direct Selling Association exclusively endorses the Direct Seller Liability coverage offered by PRO. It protects you and your business activities anywhere nationwide in the event of a claim or lawsuit prompted by charges of negligence, or failure to use appropriate care. General Liability protects you in response to claims of bodily injury (slip & fall), or property damage that you may cause. In the event of a claim, or lawsuit this program will pay eligible expenses up to the substantial $1,000,000 limit of liability (optional $2,000,000 limit is also available)

Yes, we send you emailed reminders starting 60 days prior to your renewal date.

When you enroll for the Business Inventory insurance, your coverage can be effective at 12:01am the day following your enrollment, or any date in the future that you choose, the choice is yours

Call PRO Insurance Managers toll free at 800-821-7383.

After your enrollment is approved, an insurance certificate will be issued in your name and sent to you by email.

The Terms & Conditions that you agree to when you finalize your enrollment and have been issued coverage confirm that any charges are fully earned and non-refundable. This is not only specified by the insurance company but also by PRO Insurance for this program due to the cost to process enrollment and policy and to keep costs as low as possible for everyone.

PRO Insurance is your insurance agent and advocate and while the actual insurance policy issued to you is the final word on any coverage issues, if you feel you may need assistance dealing with the insurance company, we will gladly help you in any way that we can with the process.

DISCLAIMER: Products and services referenced herein may not be available in all jurisdictions.
The information and descriptions contained herein are not intended to be complete descriptions of all terms, exclusions and conditions applicable to the products and services, but are provided solely for general informational purposes. Never cancel coverage until advised that replacement coverage is effective.

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