Greg & Stephanie Smith

By jeff / February 4, 2019

We found that PRO Insurance was not only more cost effective than our previous carrier, but they also provided the most flexibility and choice of options as well.

Barry Tallis

By jeff /

Our experience with PRO Insurance has been great. They sent me a letter outlining the recent changes in health insurance, they proactively searched around for better pricing for the same coverage. They have been very responsive and very easy to work with.

Bill Freidland

By jeff / January 10, 2019

“We were unable to obtain health coverage for my husband due to his recent cancer. PRO Insurance’ Benefits Card offered us guaranteed acceptance and it does what it says it will do, we’ve saved hundreds of dollars on Bill’s prescriptions and doctors office charges. If it wasn’t for PRO and this solution to our needs, we would be paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars needlessly.”

Bill & Theresa Blackman

By jeff /

When Rich Fuchs said he was a broker and that made him our advocate, he didn’t lie. We saved $278.00 a month! They listened to what we wanted and offered plans that provided more benefits than we requested, for much less money. I’m recommending PRO Insurance to all of my friends.”

Betty Beck

By jeff /

The MultiCare card works to provide coverage where Medicare does not. God Bless you PRO Insurance for making this available to us. We could not afford the prescriptions sorely needed otherwise. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”

Barbara Rodenhill

By jeff /

“I can’t begin to tell you the trouble we’ve had finding a health insurance plan that would accommodate our family. I have diabetes and while it is a mild form, companies were not interested in offering me coverage. After speaking to PRO Insurance (Rich took the extra time necessary to listen to all of my prior problems), they came up with a workable solution that provided me with coverage when no one else would. With the high cost of health care in today’s world, I couldn’t have gone uninsured and now I don’t have to! Thank you so much.”

Theresa & Robert Russell

By jeff /

“When I quit my full-time job, we had to pick up health insurance. We selected a plan from NASE for self-employed people at $549.00 for 3 of us – when our first year was up, they increased our premium to $902.00 with no dental, doctors visit co-pay and only paying 50% on prescriptions.  I began interviewing insurance companies again and everyone was outrageous! I contacted Rich Fuchs’ office and was given excellent information.  We now have a dental plan, doctor’s office co-pay and a great prescription plan than the plan that would have cost us 3 times more!”

Robert Parks

By jeff /

“I used the MultiCare Benefits Card for a large group of dental procedures recently and instead of paying the over $4,000 in cost to the dentist, I paid less than half! The card cost of $9.95 was immediately offset by the savings provided. No where else can you find these kinds of savings. On my budget, I wouldn’t have been able to afford to go to the dentist.”

Carl & Lisa Wagner

By jeff /

“When I got married, Lisa’s insurance was $440. per month and mine is $390. We wanted to merge our policies into one account. After getting personal attention from Rich; he reduced our monthly payment and are saving $335 per month. That is a savings of $4,020 per year. Needless to say we are very happy. Thank you Richard, and all of your professional staff, for all of your help and advice.”

Sara B.

By jeff /

“Thank you so much for having coverage available for me to quit my full-time job and pursue my dream!”

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